15:01I revived my journal on devon.somnol. Mostly messy ramblings but I don't feel cringe about my writing anymore.

31:12 Happy new year! Wishing you happy 1998+5.

02:11 New layout! I've been thinking for a long time what to do with my site here, but in the end I view it more as status update page instead on which I'm gonna link to my other sites the most, or if some new pages here happen. I actually made two layouts for this site, I still need to finish some bits of second one but this is completely finished. Tested on Internet Explorer 5 for mac, works finely. Though you won't be able to visit it with old machine due to https being deafult for every neocities site (or if you use webone, it's possible). My other sites are still under construction, though. I'm about to work on illustrations for one of them, on actual old machine with period appropriate software and tablet.

Addtionally, I got a new tablet (used 2018 Intuos M) which is pretty good so far. Half of retail price for a tablet that is almost new, that's a steal.